Hi! I’m Lexy, the Lash Artist behind MadLashesCO! I’ve been lashing since 2015 & I’d be lying if I said It was love at first lash. I remember leaving my lash class crying, wondering wtf did I get myself into. I had signed a lease with my sister for a suite without a single client lined up. I did it all backwards! I was a new mom at the time, and knew I needed to commit my entire self into my cosmetology career if I didn’t want to work 40+ hrs a week as a bartender. So I did! I kept learning, searching different techniques, spent hours on youtube watching tutorials. Fast Forward to now, 2020 (YIKES)! I never imagined to be financially stable in the middle of a pandemic doing LASHES. That’s when it clicked, I wanted to become an Educator! I feel like everyone should have the chance to work for themselves, make their own hours, do what they want to do! With this in mind, I figured why not start my own brand? I’m a perfectionist with high standards, especially when it comes to lash products!!! This was the perfect solution for me to not only be able to teach others the art of lashing, but to create an entire line of my most favorite products! I’m so excited to share the MADLASHESCO line with you, and I hope you love it as much as I do!